Lost a friend…

Alright, so maybe I’m being a little dramatic as to personify my journal, but I’m a little heartbroken at the moment.  Granted I’ve never been in a relationship, and thus, know not what it’s like to have a broken heart-I imagine it feels similar to losing a couple hundred pages of journaling.  If I can remember correctly, I expressed in my first post how UNdedicated I tend to be with journaling and writing. Despite English having been my favorite course throughout my academic career, my insecurities over lack of grammar skill/ettiquette combined with my assumption that the content of my writing lacked any interest or creativity, ultimately forbade me to use the cathartic tool.  I wouldn’t even allow myself to write in a journal, a couple of months ago which makes total sense since there really isn’t an audience in mind when journaling-but  I tend to favor illogical thought over that of reason.

Ramble…ramble… ramble.  You see why I avoid writing??!!!

In any case, around the same time that I started this blog, I grabbed one of the larger books from my blank joural collection (gathered from many years of christmas’, birthdays, graduations, etc.  in which friends family and teachers assumed Id appreciate a space to privately pursue my passion for reading and writing-not to mention they knew pretty well that I was one hot mess who coulduse any cathartic resource possible).  I had some really pretty ones to choose from, but in the end, I opted for one my frighteningly wise Grandpop gave to me before he died.  It was huge,brown leather bound and notall that feminine, but really, I’m not all that feminine either.  Sometimes simplicity really is best.  Besides selecting this big boy to trust with my craziest thoughts and dreams because my most admired mentor had given it to me, I also chose it because it was 1/2 lined and 1/2 blank.  This allowed me to write and/or sketch my thoughts and feelings at any given time.

Again, I’m not sure why I’m sharing this with the blog world-not to mention it definitely doesn’t fall under the “food” category, but I guess its serving as my excuse for not blogging because I was actually writing.  But alas, I’m a mess because I thought I left the massive thing at a coffee shop, but they haven’t seen it.  I’d say a couple of hundred pages: either in the trash or in the posession of a complete stranger who’s about to be totally weirded out by my insane ramblings, poetryand drawing.

Alright, enough with the pittyparty.  I guess I’m going to try the blog thang as my outlet of choice for a little while… that i until I loseit too like poor Tina (www.carrotsncake.com).

Evenin’ Y’all.

Suggested Music : Eat a Peach (whole album) Allman Brothers

Suggested Eats: Green Tomato Gazpacho with lime creme fraiche and organic expeller pressed EVOO  (Even I’ll admit I came up with awinner here)  Easily veganized by omitting the creme fraiche and possibly replaced with a cashew lime cream instead.  A bit earthier, but interesting.

Suggested Bev: go light and crisp on this warm night-chilled sauv. blanc or riesling for those sweet teeth; a medium bodied, not-too-hoppy brew (switchback if you have access to some), or just some club soda with citrus (orange and lime are in the soup, so these would be appropriate).

Dance/sing, eat, sip, repeat…

  +   orSee full size image +=See full size image

Peace all

Q: do you journal?  If you do, what would you do if you lost it?


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