Like a blogger’s viagra…

Okay, maybe that’s not the best analogy I could have congered up, but I have to admit I needed a lil sum-in sum-in to get me back in the game-not that I really was all that in the game to begin with, but you get the idea.  What was the pill that gave me the mojo I needed to log back on to lilpauladean?  A hefty dose of a few blogger buddies celebs who decided to forgo negativity for a ballin May.  I believe SnackFace, Everythingtarian and Lo have claimed one or several times that there’s no sense waiting, sulking or worrying about the future, because May is their’s/our month.  I can dig it ladies.  That’s why I just wanted to git back in the saddle with a little tip of the hat to positivity and maybe letting go of my insecurities and give this blog thang another go.  Let me know whatch’all think.


MA’s bite of advice for the day: NEVER let a day go by without feeding your soul.  I made a pact to myself today that I need to listen to at least one feel good song a day.  I know this sounds lame, and while music is my life and breath, I don’t always give it to myself.  Maybe youre an artist and adore great works of abstract, perhaps youre into poetry, or you could be that dude that still secretly loves to make crazy leggo mobiles (I know you’re out there kids, and being the child who chose to eat the leggos over building sophisticated mobiles out of them, I beg you to embrace your gift and flaunt it. )  Today, I vow to feed my soul with music, laughter, happiness, love, and life.  Who’s game?