Best Holiday part deux

Being that I recently opened up my laptop to discover she no longer had a breath of life in her, and my inability to either pay for the poor ol’ toshiba’s health care or buy a new one… I am currently using the local town library’s public computer.  The 30 min. limit makes it tricky to catch up on my other bloggy pals and write for lilpaula as well.  What I’m trying to say is, sorry in advance for the lack of substance in these early posts as I work up some financial support to pay for a.) a new computer; b.) a new car and c.) a place to live.  AHHHHH.  No, this girl ain’t stressed out at all right now.

Anywho…  I just had to ask any readers a very important question about this evening’s special holiday.  What are you doling out to the lil ones?  I can remember the scariest halloweens growing up were those whose houses attempted to dish us out apples and raisins and even those DREADFUL places that offered floss and toothbrushes.  Now I am, for the most part, a relatively shy, meditation practicing, kind and loving person.  But I just can’t sit quietly and let this form of torture continue without first advocating for these little children who, for ONE night out of an entire 365 days is FINALLY allowed to play dress up and run around neighborhoods schelpping pillowcases (yes, that is the only/best candy-carrying device and accumulate as much sugary goodness as possible.  I understand your concern for the health of the kiddies, but if you get this message before passing out heart rate monitors and vitamins, perhaps you still have enough time to prevent yourself from being the most avoided house on the block by stocking up on some regular or king sized bars and save yourself from embarassment.  Kid’s will IDOLIZE YOU!!  Remember… this day only comes once a year.

just sayin…



Halloween = best holiday? Perhaps

I’m going to make this one quick, but I had to share my moment of creativity with a snack i made yesterday.  Despite my love for reeses pb cups… I opted for the “health food” candy in my pantry as the inspiration for this super festive snacky.


-1-2 slices fave bread (depending on hunger), lightly toasted (I used cinn. raisin swirl)

-whatev form of pumpkin ya got (canned pure, pie mix, the real deal-pureed of course).

-nut butter (i used crunchy raw almond, but if your a skippy kid at heart, by all means)

-DARK CHOCO RAISINETTES!!!!!  the “healthy” candy


shmear mixture of punkin+butta onto toast(s) into the best punkin shape your artistic ability allows.  Make jack-o-lantern features in punkin.  Put said jack(s) into toaster oven or micro until his facial features start to melt into scary, melty, chocolatey yumminess(no more than 15 sec. for micro or you will be dissapointed inchewy texture of final piece).  Make sure you watch the action taking place in oven/micro as this is where the entertainment takes place.  Pretty pumpkin jack o’Hyde turns into jack o’ jekyl before your eyes!! 

This final step is critical:

Remove specimens from oven, placing on a napkin or plate if your civilized, unlike myself… and eat in the creepiest manner possible to celebrate this spectacular holiday!  Chocolatey, punkiny goodness OH MY!

(or you can just make some toast with pb, pumpkin and dark chocolate raisins and I still think you’ll appreciate the party that takes place in your mouth upon eating this combo).

Adios, mis amigos!