Clammy, cloudy, with a chance of showers…

… but it’s a good thing I have some tasty treats to warm my heart!  Today started off par usual with two meyer’s bagels (montreal wannabes from b-town) with crunchy pb, bacon and a drizzle o’ maple syrup.  Though the two were PLENTY, I decided to indulge and go for a third to pass the time before I had to be at work  at 5:30 am.  That’s right, you heard me y’all, I start work at 5:30 where I open a little bakery/espresso bar/convenience store in rural Charlotte, VT.  Someone’s gotta get the java going for early risers and I relish in the serenity that comes in the time before the sun rises.  And talk about a beautiful sunrise, this morning’s was one heck of a beauty-firey hues of magenta orange and gold over the good ol green mountains-ain’t nothing like it my flatland friends.  So at 5:30 I got my grinding on, the coffee grindiong that is and brewed some rich, earthy and dare I say glorious p pots of vermont artisan coffee.  I reccomend the Ethiopian yirgacheffe with a few splashes of sweetened condensed milk and a few drops of raw honey from a local bee keeper.  Meanwhile, my co-worker Meg whips up some outrageous baked goodness from the back kitchen so that our caffeine driven customers can get some proper sustenance from a tasty muffin, pastry or, if they have a more savory drawn palatte, they can fuel up with a “McBrick (egg sammie), a sofrito breakfast burrito or a slice (or two) of the quich du jour (today’s was a sausage, caramelized onion thyme concoction).  Of course I provide samples (more for my own tastings-you know, quality control is essential).  Well, it looks as though my tummy’s growling again (surprise surprise) so I’m off to whip up some goodies to calm this loud belly.  Peace and love my readers!


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